Transferring to Utah

Well, although I really love Arizona, especially the mountain biking here, I was raised in Utah and, with a young and growing family, I thought that it would be best to move back home. I requested a transfer for my job last year and it took a year for it to get approved. There is alot that I will miss about Arizona. The beautiful sunsets, the saguaro outlining the evening stars on the Maricopa Trail, the jagged and rugged mountains. I will miss the crisp winter evening air and the hotter than imaginable summers. I will miss taking on the Black Canyon Trail “Whole Enchilada” loop again and again to finally complete it just last month. That trail almost killed me in 2011 when I ran out of water many miles from the trailhead. Fortunately, I was able to dip into the Agua Fria River, just in time. Fortunately, the Agua Fria had water at that time. I’ve passed on other occasions when the water banks were bone dry. While riding in Arizona I’ve nearly died of heat stroke, been bitten at by a snake, fallen hand first onto a cactus (really painful) and suffered a broken finger and arm bone. I’ve ridden some of the best terrain for mountain biking. I especially love the descent down Cheapshot and riding along the Maricopa Trail. So many memories here. So, now I head back to my home state where the riding, compared to here, is soft. And perhaps that is even an understandment. I never came across a snake in Utah. We don’t have cactus up in Salt Lake City. And we don’t have 118 degree summer death heat. I imagine that riding in Utah, compared to Arizona, will be incredibly easy. As the saying goes “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” Arizona has made me stronger. In the two and a half weeks that I have left, hopefully I can get in a few more rides. I’ve never been able to get down to South Mountain. Maybe I should take another crack at the Black Canyon Trail. I always wanted to compete in the AZT 300, though, I have nowhere near the stamina required for that at this time. Lots of reasons to come back to Arizona, no doubt about that.

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