Still no money for a bike

Since we are going to be moving again soon, I still don’t have money for a bike. We are trying to find a place to live in Utah that will not have significant pollution. Where we live right now is, it seems, the worst part of the State. There are refineries and other pollutants nearby and we are eager to leave. I’m looking at either moving to Park City or a place called Suncrest, down in Draper, which is high above the smog. I need to save up money for a new security deposit as well as next months rent. And, as is known, security deposits can run in the range of $1,400 or more. Also, I estimate that moving again will cost possibly $1,000. So, my blog readers will have to sit tight while I work through these difficult times. I am actually working every Saturday in order to make enough money for the move. But, eventually, I will be able to buy my bike (I’m thinking Epic 29er) and will have alot of fun riding adventures to report.

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  1. Money issues suck. I've poured thousands of dollars this year into fixing my house, my car, replacing a dead clothes drier, and replacing a phone that finally died after 4 years, my roof just developed a leak, plus my garage door opener stopped working, and the air conditioner is not working in my car. I feel your pain. Fortunately last year I finally found myself in a position to buy a decent mountain bike and as soon as I got there I acted on the opportunity, knowing that contingencies were bound to arise. It's amazing how life can get in the way of “quality of life.” Hang in there.


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