Trying to get under an hour

Well, my bike commute down from my house is actually pretty easy, since it is mostly downhill.  However, I have been trying to find a route back up the mountain that will take me less than an hour.  That is proving to be difficult.  During my last attempt to ride home in under an hour, I took what I thought would be a shortcut near my home at the top of the mountain.  I was walking up a deer trail which, on Google Maps, looked like it would provide a quicker route to my home.  However, the deer trail eventually disappeared into a shrub oak forest.  I tried to walk around the forest and found that the ground was getting wetter and wetter because there was a marsh to my right.  In the meantime, it was getting darker.  I considered turning around and going back to the regular trail.  I also worried about stepping on a snake since I was now well off the main trail and it was too dark to see anything.  I finally encountered a hole in the forest and kept walking until I got to my destination, which was a neighborhood not far from my house.  From there, I got back onto the road, but, I had to face the cyclist’s most dangerous nemesis, the automobile.  I was especially nervous riding at this time because it was now completely dark.  However, I tied my flexible headlight onto the back of my helmet and turned it on flash mode, so that no car would hit me.  I made it home safely but my wife was not very happy about how late I was.  How is it that what looks so good on Google Maps can be so impracticable in real life? 

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