Kind of funny

We have some neighbors that don’t like bikers.  In fact, they once blocked the trail next to their house with logs and rocks in an attempt to stop bikers from using the trail which passes by their house.  The logs and rocks were later removed.  Last night, on my way home, I decided to take the trail by their house, because I thought it would be faster.  I was hoping that these neighbors wouldn’t be outside their house and that, if they were, I could quickly ride past them and they wouldn’t recognize me.  I was on my way down the short hill near their house and a dog came up and barked at me.  Trying to avoid the dog, I lost my balance and crashed right in the neighbors yard.  They had put little plastic night lights near the trail and I smashed one of them in half.  I was hoping they wouldn’t be home, but, a guy at the home came up to me, asked me if I was ok, and then introduced himself as the son of the homeowners.  Then the homeowners themselves came out and chided me for not walking my bike down the hill.  Hoping to avoid any conflict, I told them that I would be happy to pay for the broken light.  I was hoping to be friendly and go on my way, without them knowing who I was.  But the son said to me, “I recognize you, you’re the guy just down the street, I recognize your bike.”  Doh!!  Busted!!  Well, I said, yes, that was me and then hurried on my way.  I’m just waiting for the retaliatory slashing of my car tires or breaking my car windows – LOL.  If it weren’t for that stupid dog, I would have breezed home.  Its funny how, sometimes, everything that you don’t want to happen, happens. 

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