Warming up

I’ve always loved Spring.  The prior freeze gives way to warmer days.  Trails which have been inaccessible for months, start to thaw out.  And, I don’t have to wear that heavy jacket to work anymore. 

However, sometimes Spring can be deceiving.  Last Saturday, I saw cyclists riding up Traverse Mountain Road in short sleeve jerseys.  I thought “I have to get out and ride.”  So, I did ride; down to the bottom of Suncrest near the Equestrian Center and then back up the mountain.  The trail was bone-dry all the way up to Ghost Falls.  The weather was great and there were more than a few other mountain bikers on the trail.

However, once I got to Ghost Falls, the snow was blocking the trial.  I thought that if I could just pass one section of the trail that was snowed over, the next section would be clear.  Unfortunately, the trail was snowy all the way to the top and it was a bit arduous hauling my bike all the way.  Spring deceived me again.  I got a good workout though.     

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