Just not my day

The day started out well enough.  I got my bike out and began the descent down Ann’s Trail.  However, about halfway down the trail, my chain broke.  I tried to fix it, but, was unable to do so with the tools that I had.  I need to do more research so that, next time, I can fix my bike when out on the trail.  I finally gave up on fixing my chain and decided that I had to walk back up the trail.  By now, my hands were completely covered in grease.

I made the long trek home and struggled to get my clothes off without getting grease on them.  I drove to the train station, but, at this point, I knew it would be pushing it to make it on time.  While driving there, a car pulled right out in front of me and I barely avoided a collision.  My tires were screeching.  I thought, this day is going great.

I pulled up to the station and saw the train pulling up just as I got there.  I jumped out of my car and ran, but, the train pulled away when I was just feet away from getting on.  I went back to my car, and thought that I could just drive to work.  I drove as fast as I could and almost made it on time.  However, one of the cross streets was closed for a festival and I had to change my driving route, which made me late after all.

So, it seems that everything went wrong for me today.  I guess some people really enjoy coming to work.  That has never been the case for me.  The sooner as I can leave this terrible rat race behind, the better.     

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