Another failure

I went to Malad, Idaho for a family camping trip.  I thought it would be a great idea to make the climb to Elkhorn Peak.  Its always strange to come back to an area after not having visited it for such a long time.  As was the case when I visited Moab last year, the last time I rode this trail was when I was a teenager over 20 years ago.  Yet, the trail did not look that different from the time when I was a teenager.  The “slow decay of time” had undoubtedly changed me quite a bit, both in youthful physical abilities and in youthful attractiveness.  If only I could have changed in 20 years as little as this trail had.   

The ride up Power House Road was rather familiar and enjoyable, although strenuous.  However, after that, the road kept dividing and I was unsure how to reach the summit.  My uncle, Arch, was riding with my cousins on a four-wheeler and I met him while I was riding.  He suggested that I take Kent’s Canyon Trail.  Unfortunately, this trail was mostly hike a bike.  As was the case with my attempt to reach the Wasatch Crest Trail last week, the trail didn’t seem to be getting any flatter and I eventually just turned around. 

I’m looking at the map now and it shows Power House Road clearly going straight up and over Elkhorn Ridge, however, I didn’t see this route when I was up in the mountain.  Looking back on it now with Google Maps, it looks so easy.  Why is it that what looks so easy on a map, is so strenuous and difficult in real life? 

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