Trying to cut back on the soda

So, I feel like soda has been my nemesis for quite some time now.  I go on amazing bike rides that burn a lot of calories, but then, drink a soda which adds all of those calories right back.  In addition, since I work at a sedentary job where I sit all day, its not good for me to drink soda. 

I’ve tried to give up soda before, but, every time I come into work in the morning, I just feel a huge urge to buy a soda for that morning sugar boost.   I talked to one of my co-workers about this once and he said that he had also tried unsuccessfully to give up soda.  He said that the problem is that water is just so bland. 

I wonder if one day we will discover that sugar is just as addictive as tobacco or alcohol??  Perhaps the sugar industry executives are hiding secret studies that prove the addictive nature of sugar, hoping that it never gets out – just as the tobacco executives did. 

3 thoughts on “Trying to cut back on the soda

  1. I've really cut back on soda. It's very tough. studies have shown that sugar is as addicting as heroin. Some studies suggest the type of sugar matters too, and the worst is high-fructose corn syrup, which is the most common in soda and processed foods. What helped for me was actually not saying that I can't have soda at all, because that will just make me crave it more. But saying it's ok to have it once in a while as a treat. (not a reward mind you, but just a treat.) Then finding alternatives. Yes water is boring. But I find if I have a big bottle of water nearby and I 'choose' to drink from it rather than getting a soda, if I drink a ton of it – my craving for a soda goes down. Then if I really need something flavored, I'll make a cup of Celestial Seasonings tea. Some of those are naturally sweet. What really finally helped me the most was drinking what I call bubbly water. Klarbrunn and LaCroix are two brands. As long as it's the unsweetened (no sugar or artificial sweeteners). The flavoring and bubbles satisfy most of my soda urges. Hopefully some of this helps. Soda really is bad for you.

  2. Thanks for those suggestions GSoroos. I like the idea of drinking water until the urge to drink soda goes away. I haven't had any soda today so far…..though I was tempted to buy a soda on the way into work and during lunch.

  3. I agree!!!! It's poison to our bodies. It's just as addictive, in fact, sugar is a stimulant, so the more we eat, the more we want and the carbonation is horrible as well!!! I have learned to love water, in fact I crave it! Read about the benefits, you won't ever want to go without it:)

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