Stolen Bike again

So, last Friday, I was riding home on the train at the end of work.  I left my bike at the bottom part of the train in the rack, where all of the other bikes are.  The thought crossed my mind before that it might be dangerous to leave my bike there unattended as someone might grab it and steal it.  However, then I thought that everybody seems to leave their bikes there unattended and that a thief would probably grab another, more expensive bike before mine.  Unfortunately, when my commute ended on Friday night, I walked downstairs and my bike was gone.   This is the 3rd bike that has been stolen from me in 3 years.  They always seem to be stolen in May. 

It makes me wonder if doing the commute is worth it if my bikes keep getting stolen.  The idea is to save money from having no car payment, no gas payments and less insurance.  However, if bikes keep getting stolen, then, I suppose that it could end up being more expensive.  My wife told me that I can buy a GPS tracker to attach to the bike or perhaps I can buy bike insurance.

The thieves who stole my bike last Friday didn’t get a whole lot.  My Diamondback was nearly 3 years old and super heavy.  It was $500 when I bought so, it was probably only worth maybe $300.  But, they also got my beloved Brooks leather seat, which took me 1,000 miles to break in. 

One thought on “Stolen Bike again

  1. I am so sorry about your bike being stolen again. It seems that bikes are a very hot commodity as KSL had a special on this very topic one night. They set up cameras and put locked bikes in conspicuous places. The locks didn't even deter the thieves. KSL caught up with the thieves and they would run of course. I hope you get another bike soon. Research the best locks for the TRAX stations. Whenever you can, keep it with you. I am so sorry! I will miss your pictures.

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