New bike on the way

Well, I ordered the Fuji Outland because it was a good price.  Hopefully, it will be here in time for my birthday tomorrow. 

I also decided to donate the old Saturn to the Utah Kidney Foundation.  I get a $500 tax write-off, which is more than the car is worth.  Isn’t it interesting how, when you clean things out, it almost feels like you’re going back in time.  I found papers that were a couple of years old and then, at the bottom of the trash in the trunk, I ran into some old CD’s which I haven’t listened to since 2004.  

I bought the Saturn in 2004 for about $4,500 so I certainly got my money’s worth by driving it for 13 years.  That car has crossed the country multiple times.  Its taken me to New York and Los Angeles, to Virginia Beach and Huntington Beach, to Phoenix and Yellowstone.   Its taken me through paved highways and barely drivable desert expanses.  It has hardly broken down and has surprised me by pulling through more than a few sticky situations. 

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