House to House – Should I try it?

I’ve been thinking for awhile about riding on a route which I call house to house.  I call it house to house because it would go from the house where I grew up near Ensign Peak to my current home in Suncrest, almost completely on dirt trails.  I would start out at Ensign Peak, then ride down into City Creek and on the Booneville Shoreline Trail over to Millcreek Canyon.  Then, up Millcreek Canyon to connect to the Wasatch Crest Trail.  Down Wasatch Crest to Big Cottonwood Canyon, then down to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail again and up Corner Canyon to where I live now.  It seems like it would be an Epic ride.  I just worry that I would become exhausted once I got to the top of Millcreek Canyon. 

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