Month: December 2017

Farewell to 2017

So, 2017 is drawing to a close.  For cycling purposes, it was a great year.  I rode 2,282 miles, according to Strava.  I also went on some great trails, especially in Park City.  It would have been a lot more fun if my work hadn’t put me on […]

No photos lately

Perhaps you are wondering why I haven’t posted any photos on my blog lately.  Well, the reason is because when I ride, usually before or after work, its simply too dark to see much of anything, let alone take photos.  I did get some nice winter photos last […]

Christmas Funny

On Christmas Eve, I told my son, Spencer, that Santa Clause was going to bring me a new bike for Christmas.  Spencer said “Daddy, Santa doesn’t have a bike for you.”  It was just the way he said it – the tone of the voice, that made it really […]

Such a constrast

While riding down the mountain this morning, the trail was cold, dark, snowy and empty of people…quite a contrast from 6 months ago when it was sunny, warm, vibrant and full of people.  Its amazing what effect just a few degrees shift in the earth’s tilt can have on the same […]

Bar Mitts to the rescue

So, my Mom gave me an early Christmas gift of Bar Mitts after hearing about how cold my hands have been on the commute.  They are mittens that warp around the bike’s handlebars, shielding your hands from the cold.  I used them for the first time on this […]