Healed by cycling yet again

So, as you can see from my photos below, last weekend, I did my annual winter ride to Tibble Reservoir in American Fork Canyon.  A temperature gauge that I passed said that it was 24 degrees in the valley.  So, it must have been much colder up in the canyon where Tibble Reservoir is located.  Needless to say, coming back down the canyon, I was freezing.  My feet, in particular, were very cold as the frigid winter air seeped through my boots. 

Once I finished my descent down the canyon, I stopped at a CVS to warm my feet up because they were really cold and hurting.  Now, here’s the interesting thing.  I injured my left foot last summer and it has been hurting ever since.  Once my left foot thawed out from the cold, it felt much, much better than before.  I don’t know a whole lot about medicine – but, somehow freezing my left foot seems to have taken away much of the pain that I felt for months and months.  Is it the cold that reduces the swelling?

A completely unexpected benefit of cycling in the cold.  

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