I miss the Old Salt Lake (circa 1990’s)

2018 Salt Lake is too crowded – there’s too much traffic.  At nearly all hours, there is traffic on I-15, running through the city.  Back in my teenage years, there wasn’t much traffic at all on the freeway.  Getting from place to place was much easier.

In addition, the housing is quite overpriced in Utah.  We should be able to buy a decent home here for $100,000, but, my search for a home this summer has demonstrated that a modest townhome costs about $250,000.  I also can’t understand why it is so difficult for find a new job here.  I haven’t wanted to work at my current job for years now.  In fact, when I moved to Utah, my plan was to just bail out on this job eventually and find a new one.  However, with my job search, I’ve only had a few interviews after years of effort.  One job wrote me back and said that over 150 people had applied for that same job.

I read that the housing market is over-priced because so many people are moving here from California, where it costs a million just to buy a small apartment.  Also, the tech people are relocating here from San Francisco for some reason….bringing their millions and driving up the prices for everything.  Its almost as if Utah is becoming a suburb of California, which is making it very hard for all of us native Utahns to own a home.  As far as why its so hard to find a job here, maybe its because so many people want to move back to Utah after spending time away. 

Utah is certainly a unique culture.  Its hard for some of us who move away to get accustomed to a new culture, so we move back. 

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