Time never pauses, Time never slows down, Time doesn’t take breaks or vacations, Time constantly moves forward. Time is accompanied by its brother, Change. Together, Time and Change rearrange power structures, habits, customs, cultures, traditions and technology. For those who were unhappy with the current state of affairs, Time and Change’s alterations can be welcomed as much-needed progress. However, to those who were happy with the current state of affairs, Time and Change’s alterations can come across like an irresponsible maniac taking a hammer to a china shop and smashing all that was once beautiful.

I look all around, in 2018 America, and I see the results of Time and Change’s work over the past decade. I see shiny smartphones, flat televisions that mount up against a wall, internet social networks and men who tie their hair up in a bun. I remember corded phones that had to be connected to the wall, box television sets that required their own furniture stand, people going to social events, like dances, to make friends and hair-buns only being an appropriate hair-style for women. However, if I were to tell the men with hair-buns that that hair-style is only appropriate for women or were to tell people who spend all of their time on social media to get out of the house and try to make some friends in person, I’m sure they would respond to me by saying “Hey, old-timer, get with the times man!”

I kind of like the way things were. I tend to look backwards with nostalgic, rose-colored glasses and wish society could return to the “good old days.” Sometimes, I feel out of place…as if I’m living in another country. Sometimes, I feel like many things that I once loved have disappeared. Time doesn’t care about the way I feel. I can almost hear Time saying to me in a scolding voice “Hey, old-timer, get with the times man!”

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