Fickle Fall (poem written during my commute to work – I hope that you enjoy it)

Fall is such an interesting time; it’s a season that can’t make up it’s mind.

In the morning, it’s cold – in the evening, it’s warm; Fall just doesn’t have a temperature norm.

With it’s temperature variations, Fall plays me a fool; I can’t get the climate right, with my internet tool.

In the morning, I switch my car’s temperature to hot; to melt all of the ice that the frost has brought;

Then, in the afternoon, I turn my car cooler on; it seems that the cold weather, didn’t last very long.    

Sometimes, I wear a jacket, but the weather is nice; then, I don’t wear a jacket, and the wind’s cold as ice!

The changing climate definitely takes it toll; it can cause viruses like the flu, within me to grow.     

Ah – Fall, you old trickster, you are such a joker; its too bad Winter will be here, and your party will soon be over.   

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    • Thanks! I just wanted to convey some of the feelings of Fall. The day before I wrote this, my windshield was covered with ice in the morning, and then, in the evening it was hot again. And, as of today, I have a bit of a sore throat – which I think is being caused by the weather fluctuations.


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