Chimney Rock hike

I saw it on the map, Chimney Rock; a topographic elevation to the west of Utah Lake. It looked like it would be an interesting hike. So, on Saturday morning I made the 30 minute drive to the area.

When I arrived at the outcropping, I did not feel very intimidated. It looked like a rather easy hike.

Chimney Rock

As I was climbing, I noticed that this raven kept flying around the rock.

The rock had an interesting texture, with many holes. I was hoping to perhaps see a smaller animal, like a bobcat, in one of the holes, which would have made this blog post more interesting. But, no such luck this time.

As I neared the top of the rock, I noticed that the sun was peeking through this bush.

And, finally, I reached the top. Here is the view looking east toward Chimney Rock pass and Utah Lake. It was an enjoyable Saturday morning! I just wish that I had encountered an animal or had seen some petroglyphs on the side of the rock.

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