Outdoors Photography

Rare Wolverine Sighting at Antelope Island

Photo Credit: James Shook

This is kind of cool. I go out to Antelope Island all of the time (as blog followers know), but, I’ve never seen a wolverine out there. According to the news article, this is only the second photograph of a wolverine in Utah since 1979. My Audubon Society Field Guide states that wolverines are usually found in the mountains, so, I’m not sure why a wolverine would be at Antelope Island. Maybe I’ll go out there this weekend and try to get my own wolverine photo (unless the wolverine is long-gone from the island by now).


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  1. Wow, this is awesome! What a treat to see a wolverine in the public. Thanks for sharing!

    How are you and your family! Seems like forever since I’ve seen you. Do you want to get together for lunch or dinner and catch up?

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    • Isn’t that cool? What a lucky photographer huh? He just happened to be at Antelope Island when a wolverine passed by. We went out there on Saturday to find the wolverine but didn’t see it.

      Thanks for checking in. We moved up by Clover Leaf Park now so we are in a different Ward now. Yeah, let’s get together sometime. Maybe we can go on a blog trip together!


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