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Mountain Biking Commute

I think I may have found the perfect route to commute to work via mountain bike. Near where my new home will be is the Draper-Alpine Road. I can take that route from my home down to the Draper Town Center Metro and then ride the same road […]

Still no money for a bike

Since we are going to be moving again soon, I still don’t have money for a bike. We are trying to find a place to live in Utah that will not have significant pollution. Where we live right now is, it seems, the worst part of the State. […]

Perfect Commuting Vehicle?

I ran into this vehicle on the way to work this morning. It seems like the perfect commuting vehicle. Protection from the elements and more protection than a bicycle in a crash. Then, I saw the price range. $12,000 for this model and $6,000 for the cheapest model. […]

Off topic – On the bus

On the way in on the bus this morning, a lady behind me felt compelled to speak to her seatmate in a loud and incredibly obnoxious voice. During the course of our short trip, she divulged to the entire bus that she had been arrested multiple times. She […]