Transferring to Utah

Well, although I really love Arizona, especially the mountain biking here, I was raised in Utah and, with a young and growing family, I thought that it would be best to move back home. I requested a transfer for my job last year and it took a year […]


I have family visiting from California for Thanskgiving. Always fun for the cousins to get together. I was wondering if there was going to be a group ride in Phoenix on Friday, but I haven’t seen anything so far. Maybe I can sneak a ride on the Maricopa […]

Wild Javelina in Anthem

I went on a night ride around Anthem last Saturday evening. I ran into some wild Javelina and tried to snap a picture but my smartphone isn’t able to capture any night pictures with no flash. I’ve also come across coyotes, road runners and wild burros (on the […]