Dinosaur National Monument

We went on a fun family trip to Dinosaur National Monument.  It was the first time that I have been there in probably three decades.  I found it fascinating to view animal bones and to think that they pre-date all of human history.  I also told my kids that I would give them a million dollars if they found a live dinosaur.  (I don’t have a million dollars – I was betting that they wouldn’t see a live one).  http://www.strava.com/athletes/424498/latest-rides/780c8c7d9d1dab3c1f2aed03da85bc16e22554e9

I miss the Old Salt Lake (circa 1990’s)

2018 Salt Lake is too crowded – there’s too much traffic.  At nearly all hours, there is traffic on I-15, running through the city.  Back in my teenage years, there wasn’t much traffic at all on the freeway.  Getting from place to place was much easier. In addition, the housing is quite overpriced in Utah.  We should be able to buy a decent home here for $100,000, but, my search for a home this summer has demonstrated that a modest townhome costs []

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