Bar Mitts to the rescue

So, my Mom gave me an early Christmas gift of Bar Mitts after hearing about how cold my hands have been on the commute.  They are mittens that warp around the bike’s handlebars, shielding your hands from the cold.  I used them for the first time on this morning’s commute and, for the first time on my winter commute, I can honestly say that my hands were not freezing.  There was a tiny bit of cold that seemed to be breaking through []


Frozen fingers

Yep, my hands were freezing on the commute this morning.  I really need to buy some Bar Mitts but I don’t have the funds right now.  It still is a great way to start the day by getting some exercise.  I was thinking that I would be the only one on the trials today but I was so wrong as I saw multiple bike tracks on the trail going through the snow.  It looked like Fat-bike tracks.  Maybe some people were really []

Intense Commute this morning

First, I had to carry my bike through about a 1/2 mile of death mud.  Then, after walking all that distance the ground finally became firm enough to ride my bike.  There was a lull in the bad weather, but, when I got down into the Valley, there was a lot of sleet.  I was pretty cold.  Well, it keeps me awake on the commute at least.

Happy Halloween!!

This morning, when I went to get on the Frontrunner train at Lehi, all of the lights were off and there were no other people on the platform, two things that hardly ever happen.  It felt quite eerie.  I wondered if I was in some kind a of dream.  It was the perfect way to begin Halloween.  I still don’t know why the lights were off and there are usually a few other people on the platform with me.  It looked like the scene []

One of the fun things about morning riding

One of the fun things about morning riding is seeing all of the other bikers and hikers on the trail based on their lights.  And, based on where their lights are, you can get a fairly accurate idea of which trail they are riding or hiking on.  This morning, I saw one rider coming up Canyon Hollow Trail, another rider on Jacobs Ladder trail and also a hiker who was half-way up Lone Peak.  Pretty cool.

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