I rode Armstrong and Pinecone today

These trails were incredible.  By the time I got to the top, I was really beat.  Also, the clouds worried me.  I have post-traumatic stress disorder after being in that lightening storm last May.  Here’s a few photos as well as a video I took at the top of the trail. Advertisements


Interesting cloud

I took the picture of this cloud at just the right time when the sun was hitting it to make it red.  I thought it had kind of a magical look to it – like something from a cartoon.  The reason I say that I took this picture at just the right time is because, just a few moments later, I wanted to take another photo and the cloud was no longer red, but grey.  Could there be a lesson to be []

More fun in Park City

I went on a couple of rides in Park City over the last week.  I rode the Mid-mountain trail from Park City to the Canyons.   Then, I rode Armstrong up to Pinecone.  Its great riding up there.  I also busted up my wheel on the way down.  So, my bike is again in the shop and on the mend.  This has been a rough summer on my bike.  I had to replace the front gearing, as well as the front wheel.  At []

I finally completed the Wasatch Crest trail

For the 4th of July holiday, I took the Wasatch Crest shuttle.  After trying to reach this trail several times by climbing up from the Valley, I finally gave up and just paid the $12 for the shuttle.  It was a very enjoyable trail.  Unfortunately, my gear was partially broken which prevented me from using the granny gear – I love having cheap components!!  I was surprised by how much climbing there was on the trail after Puke Hill.  I thought that after Puke []

Another failure

I went to Malad, Idaho for a family camping trip.  I thought it would be a great idea to make the climb to Elkhorn Peak.  Its always strange to come back to an area after not having visited it for such a long time.  As was the case when I visited Moab last year, the last time I rode this trail was when I was a teenager over 20 years ago.  Yet, the trail did not look that different from the time when I []

Failed Wasatch Crest attempt from Mill Creek Canyon

Last week, I tried to ride up to the Wasatch Crest Trail from Mill Creek Canyon.  I was wondering if this route might be easier than the prior route which I had taken up Guardsman Pass.  It was pretty smooth sailing up Mill Creek Canyon but once the pavement ended, and the Big Water Trail it was pretty much all pushing the bike uphill.  I do prefer to go on trails that I can actually ride.   I suppose there may be some few []

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