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I’m a home bike mechanic!

The chain broke, then, the rear derailleur hanger feel off, then the brakes got locked up.  It took about a week to get all of the necessary parts but I finally finished fixing my bike.  There’s something satisfying about doing your own mechanical work and not depending on someone else.  (Ok, correction, I did sort of depend on the nice folks who give away free bike advice on YouTube).  I think I’m getting better too as I learn new fixes.

Rough commute this morning

This morning, I got the dreaded flat tire on the way to work.  What’s worse, I somehow misplaced my mini-pump so that it wasn’t in my backpack.  That meant I had no way to fix my tire.  I walked across the street to a bus stop, hoping that it would arrive, but I it never came.  I had to walk down to Smith’s to buy a new mini-pump and finally made it to work around 10:15.  Oh well – I still enjoy doing the []

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