Could this be the same moose that I photographed?

One of the fun things about morning riding

One of the fun things about morning riding is seeing all of the other bikers and hikers on the trail based on their lights.  And, based on where their lights are, you can get a fairly accurate idea of which trail they are riding or hiking on.  This morning, I saw one rider coming up Canyon Hollow Trail, another rider on Jacobs Ladder trail and also a hiker who was half-way up Lone Peak.  Pretty cool.

Hog Hollow Commute Home

Last night, I did the Hog Hollow commute home.  It was rather strenuous but not entirely steep.  It was pitch black so I could not have seen any animals if a mountain lion or something wanted to attack me.  It reminded me of that Sleepy Hollow cartoon by Disney, when Ichabod Craine is riding alone through the forest.  Quite a contrast from sunny summer riding.

More home repairs – I think my mechanical skills are improving

I attached a new rear derailleur hanger, a new rear derailleur and also put the chain back on.  I tried to adjust the gears but couldn’t quite get it right.  Also, I tried to bleed my front brake but it didn’t work for some reason.  I do feel like my skills are improving.

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