Reflections on the Summer Riding Season

As the summer riding season draws to its end in just a few days, I would say, looking back, that this has been a great summer riding season.   I was able to ride the Jordan River Trail all the way from Draper to Salt Lake City on several occasions.  I also hit the Wasatch Crest Trail and attempted to do the Park City Epic ride, though I ran out of steam and water once I got to the top of the Armstrong Trail.  I also []

Death by death mud

I was riding on my morning commute today and the death mud was really bad.  I had to pick up my bike and carry it for much of the way.  I thought that once I got to the Hog Hollow trail, the trail would not be so muddy.  However, as I was attempting to ride down Hog Hollow I heard a snap – unfortunately, my rear derailleur and rear derailleur hanger had broken again – what a bummer.  I guess I’ll need to []

House to House – Should I try it?

I’ve been thinking for awhile about riding on a route which I call house to house.  I call it house to house because it would go from the house where I grew up near Ensign Peak to my current home in Suncrest, almost completely on dirt trails.  I would start out at Ensign Peak, then ride down into City Creek and on the Booneville Shoreline Trail over to Millcreek Canyon.  Then, up Millcreek Canyon to connect to the Wasatch Crest Trail.  Down Wasatch []

I’m a home bike mechanic!

The chain broke, then, the rear derailleur hanger feel off, then the brakes got locked up.  It took about a week to get all of the necessary parts but I finally finished fixing my bike.  There’s something satisfying about doing your own mechanical work and not depending on someone else.  (Ok, correction, I did sort of depend on the nice folks who give away free bike advice on YouTube).  I think I’m getting better too as I learn new fixes.

Rough commute this morning

This morning, I got the dreaded flat tire on the way to work.  What’s worse, I somehow misplaced my mini-pump so that it wasn’t in my backpack.  That meant I had no way to fix my tire.  I walked across the street to a bus stop, hoping that it would arrive, but I it never came.  I had to walk down to Smith’s to buy a new mini-pump and finally made it to work around 10:15.  Oh well – I still enjoy doing the []

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