Some photos from last weekend

I was trying to find a new, potentially faster route to the train.  However, this route turned out to be much too steep to bike, and I had to walk most of it.  There were some really nice views, however. Advertisements


Morning Comute

I did the morning commute by bike today.  I rode to the Draper Town Center Metro Station and then took the train to work.  I went down the Rush Trail, which was quite entertaining.  However, my brakes were having some problems, which prevented me from going as fast as I would like.  It took me about two hours to get down, but this was my first time.  I’m sure that I can eventually find a faster route and can go much faster, []

New Bike

Well,  I finally  saved up enough money to buy a Diamondback Recoil 29er from  I think I got a good deal on it….$472.  I hope that it isn’t too heavy.  Its the most inexpensive 29er that I could find.  I guess we’ll see how it does on the trail.  (Oh, by the way, my riding in Park City was done on a rental bike, in case you were wondering).  While in Park City, I rode the Specialized Camber, but, my thigh []

Mountain Biking Commute

I think I may have found the perfect route to commute to work via mountain bike. Near where my new home will be is the Draper-Alpine Road. I can take that route from my home down to the Draper Town Center Metro and then ride the same road back. There’s actually a description of the route on….a great resource for biking in Utah.

The time when I almost died biking on the Black Canyon Trail

I thought I would share this story about when I almost died from heat stroke while biking the Black Canyon Trail, since I have not hitherto shared this story on my bike blog. I ran out of water today on the Black Canyon Trail. I was certain that I had more water in my Camelback but suddenly, when I sucked, no water came out. In the meantime, the temperature was getting hotter and I was still about 4 miles from the trailhead []

Perfect Commuting Vehicle?

I ran into this vehicle on the way to work this morning. It seems like the perfect commuting vehicle. Protection from the elements and more protection than a bicycle in a crash. Then, I saw the price range. $12,000 for this model and $6,000 for the cheapest model. Out of my price range unfortunately. Bummer, because I really do think it would be fun to ride this to work.

Off topic – On the bus

On the way in on the bus this morning, a lady behind me felt compelled to speak to her seatmate in a loud and incredibly obnoxious voice. During the course of our short trip, she divulged to the entire bus that she had been arrested multiple times. She also shared that she had to pay thousands of dollars in restitution for three old parking tickets. I was unsure why she wanted to share this information with the entire bus, but, based on []

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