Changing weather

     The mornings are getting darker and cooler.  It was almost cold enough for gloves this morning.  Apart from some work difficulties, its been an amazing summer.  Of course, astronomically, summer will continue until September 21st.  However, based on climate patterns the summer will actually end the first part of September, which gives us just a few more weeks.  I took Friday off and I’m hoping to hit the Wasatch Crest.  I have to hit that amazing trail at least once each []

Cool REI derailleur class

I took a really cool course on bike derailleurs at REI.  The instructors taught us how to adjust our gearing, how to keep the derailleur system clean and how to change a broken chain.  I found it really enjoyable to get my hands dirty and put all of the different bike parts together.  Maybe I should switch my career from lawyer to bike mechanic?  It would be a huuuuuge pay cut, but, at least I might enjoy my work and actually have some []

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