Nice ride to Tibble Reservoir

I went on a great ride yesterday up to Tibble Reservoir, in American Fork Canyon. The route is down Suncrest road, east on Highland, up the Canyon past Timpanogos Cave, and then to Tibble Reservoir and then back along the same route. Its really cold right now, but, as long as I bundle up, the weather isn’t really a problem. The route back up Suncrest road to my house just never gets easy. I was really huffing and puffing on the last []


So dark

This morning, it was so dark on the way in to work….just pitch black.  As I was riding down the hill, I passed two guys coming up.  One of them asked me, in jest, “how are you crazy enough to be coming down the mountain at this hour?”  He must have thought I had started my ride around 5 am or earlier to be coming down the mountain.  I told him that I was actually on my way to work.  Maybe he []

My trip to Moab

We spent the weekend down in Moab.  I hadn’t been there in over 20 years.  I rode the Slickrock Trail and I can’t say I was very impressed.  There just seemed to be a lot of hiking.  Maybe some people can ride a trail nearly straight up an incline, but I can’t.  Same with riding down the many steep cliffs that were on the trail.  When the trail was fairly flat, it was great.  But having to constantly mount and dismount ruined the []

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