From today’s ride

This is one of my favorite rides in Utah.  It starts near where I grew up and loops up around the Radio Towers close to Ensign peak.  After you get to the top Radio Tower, you take a left turn, and then drop down to the Bonneville Shoreline Preserve.  The second part of the trail is not as well traveled and sometimes the trail can be somewhat overgrown.  The views towards the Great Salt Lake are amazing.  I took these photos the []


Passing etiquette during a race

So, I’m not sure if there are any official rules about passing during a race. But two people who passed me yesterday did it wrong. One guy came up behind me and yelled at me to get out of the way. Before giving me a chance to move, he crashed into my side, bumping into my right handlebar and nearly knocking me over, and then sped off ahead of me. Another guy came up behind me and screamed at me “I need []

Quite cold and foggy coming in this morning

I wasn’t able to ride on the trail because the snow was too deep.  I always feel nervous riding on the road because I’m worried about getting hit by a car.  I was particularly worried about getting hit this morning because of all of the fog.  But, I made it safely, although my hands were freezing and my feet were cold too.  When the winter commuting season begins next year, I will need to buy some ski gloves and wool socks.

Spring-time – More animals on the Trail

I saw quite a few animals on the trail this morning.  I ran into numerous deer.  I also passed a large quail.  Then, towards the bottom of the trail, I saw a fox.  I took out my camera to take a picture, but it got away too quickly.  Its interesting that I wouldn’t see so many of these animals during the winter months.

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