I ran into this snowman over at the park. Advertisements


Chilly morning, warmer evening

I had a good ride down this morning.  But, it was pretty snowy towards the top of the mountain.  On the way back up, it was great until Ghost Falls, then, it was pretty much walking all the way home through the snow.  I could tell that Spring is on the way.  The morning was cold, but, towards the end of my ride, it had warmed up dramatically.  Whereas on prior rides, the snow stayed stiff, now, it was getting slushy as []

Veteran’s Day Ride

So, after spending most of the day helping my wife buy a new sofa, I was able to sneak out of the house to get an  hour ride in.  I rode up the Jacob’s Ladder trail for the first time, and then decended Ghost and Rattler trails.  I then came back up Clark’s trail.  The entire loop was a great ride.  The dimming light reflecting off of the ever fading leaves of the late fall, combined with the eerie sound of the cool, crisp []

How best to lighten my bike?

So, I do like my Diamondback Recoil, despite its low cost, because it is a comfortable fit for me.  However, one problem with the bike is that it is heavy.  On the MTBR website, someone weighed his Recoil and said that it busted the scales at 37 pounds.  I need to find a way to lighten this bike up, which should not be too difficult, since the components are so cheap and heavy anyway.  However, the big debate is where to begin?  []

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