Perfect Commuting Vehicle?

I ran into this vehicle on the way to work this morning. It seems like the perfect commuting vehicle. Protection from the elements and more protection than a bicycle in a crash. Then, I saw the price range. $12,000 for this model and $6,000 for the cheapest model. Out of my price range unfortunately. Bummer, because I really do think it would be fun to ride this to work. Advertisements


Off topic – On the bus

On the way in on the bus this morning, a lady behind me felt compelled to speak to her seatmate in a loud and incredibly obnoxious voice. During the course of our short trip, she divulged to the entire bus that she had been arrested multiple times. She also shared that she had to pay thousands of dollars in restitution for three old parking tickets. I was unsure why she wanted to share this information with the entire bus, but, based on []

Bonneville Shoreline Trail 300

Coming from Arizona, I always wanted to ride the Arizona Trail 300 race. Its a completely self-supported ride that begins at the border of Mexico and goes all the way to Phoenix. It isn’t really a race, but, more of a competition against yourself, to see if you can do it. In other words, its just my type of ride. I’ve never been the fastest rider out there. I’ve been told that at 6’2″ and 220 I am rather giant for a []

Transferring to Utah

Well, although I really love Arizona, especially the mountain biking here, I was raised in Utah and, with a young and growing family, I thought that it would be best to move back home. I requested a transfer for my job last year and it took a year for it to get approved. There is alot that I will miss about Arizona. The beautiful sunsets, the saguaro outlining the evening stars on the Maricopa Trail, the jagged and rugged mountains. I will []


I have family visiting from California for Thanskgiving. Always fun for the cousins to get together. I was wondering if there was going to be a group ride in Phoenix on Friday, but I haven’t seen anything so far. Maybe I can sneak a ride on the Maricopa Trail. I was also considering riding the Black Canyon Trail again sometime. I would like to beat my prior time for the Little Pan Loop. I also noticed some nice bike sales on Black []

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