Another failure

I went to Malad, Idaho for a family camping trip.  I thought it would be a great idea to make the climb to Elkhorn Peak.  Its always strange to come back to an area after not having visited it for such a long time.  As was the case when I visited Moab last year, the last time I rode this trail was when I was a teenager over 20 years ago.  Yet, the trail did not look that different from the time when I []

Failed Wasatch Crest attempt from Mill Creek Canyon

Last week, I tried to ride up to the Wasatch Crest Trail from Mill Creek Canyon.  I was wondering if this route might be easier than the prior route which I had taken up Guardsman Pass.  It was pretty smooth sailing up Mill Creek Canyon but once the pavement ended, and the Big Water Trail it was pretty much all pushing the bike uphill.  I do prefer to go on trails that I can actually ride.   I suppose there may be some few []

Wasatch Crest attempt

Will my luck run out on me someday?  Ok, here was the plan yesterday – park my car in Park City and take the city bus to near the top of Guardsman Pass, then ride the Wasatch Crest Trail.  I rode to the Park City transit center and was told that the bus doesn’t run to the top of Guardmans Pass until June 17th.  So, my day started off on the wrong foot. I decided to just ride from Park City and []

Trying to find a connection between Salt Lake and Ogden

I haven’t given up on the idea of a Utah 300 ride, similar to the one they have in Arizona, the Arizona Trail 300.  Today, I rode from the Dry Creek Trailhead up to just above Centerville, at which point, my Garmin died.  I found that there was singletrack trail almost the entire way, except on Bountiful Boulevard.  I passed a few firing ranges and was worried about snakes biting me as I rode through some tall grass.  I really do need []

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